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~Come view a few scenes~

photo by Jan*

photo by my daughter Sevilla*

photo by Jan*

Don't mess with these fierce fighters!

'Porkys' defend themselves very well!

photo by Sevilla*

Wolves are necessary to the wildlife balance. They also need a balance of numbers for wildlife to be able to maintain.

Great bears to watch-from a distance! They are the fiercest of the northern bears.

"The Kings are running!" is a call heard by fishermen in salmon season.

Little red fox is pretty and pretty crafty!

This young bull almost came into the house of my friend,Edith, who took this photo. He was hungry!

Oh well..give him a celery stick! This is not recommended,as moose can become very 'pushy' and come back stomping and demanding food if they get used to this. That becomes dangerous and spoils the moose to forage on it's own. They live on sticks,branches,bushes and trees a lot in winter. They love vegetable gardens and will clear one to the roots in a hurry. I quit growing a garden after a row of working for the moose! They can jump high fences..or break them down. I came outside to gather my big cabbages and was met by a big cow moose,swallowing an 8lb cabbage in one bite!

Lynx cats roam the Alaskan woods

Bull moose get huge antler racks

Musk Ox are raised for their wonderful soft hair they shed each spring.

Aren't they cute? Stay away from mama!

Photo by Jan I.

Coyote on the Alaska Hwy.

He wanted food! He was the fattest coyote I've ever seen~

There are many animal varieties in Alaska. This is just a small sample. They are always facinating.

Let's move on through this 'Greatland'


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