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Alaskan terms defined
breakup* -- The end of an Alaskan winter, when the ice that has frozen the major rivers thaws.

bush*-- The parts of Alaska accessible only by boat or aircraft.

bush pilots* -- Pilots of the small planes who provide transportation to bush communities and isolated destinations.

cheechako* -- A newcomer to Alaska, what in the west would have been call a "greenhorn."

Eskimo ice cream*-- Traditionally made of whipped berries, seal oil, and snow.

ice fog*-- A thick winter fog made of suspended ice particles that leaves the trees coated with ice crystals.

mukluks* -- Eskimo moccasins.

muskeg* -- Grassy swamp land.

outside* -- Anywhere but Alaska.

parka* --Traditionally a hooded fur coat made and used by northern natives, but now it can also be insulated with modern manmade materials like "thinsulate", and may have no fur at all, although usually winter parkas will have a fur ruff. Summer parkas of the more traditional styles have a skirt attached and are pulled on over the head.

permafrost* -- Permafrost is ground that remains frozen all summer.

tundra* --the northern grassy,frozen land of permafrost

Caribou on the tundra under the oil pipeline*

qiviut or qiviuq*-- An Eskimo word meaning the warm underwool of the muskox. Over 150 knitters work at home in isolated villages. Some designs were created by them, and some taken from traditional art. Each village has a "signature" pattern. Among the items made and sold in various outlets are scarves, hats, stoles, smoke-rings and tunics. Yarn for home knitters can be purchased from the INUA Wool Shoppe in the Goldhill area of Fairbanks - between Fairbanks and Ester ( 202 Henderson Road, zipcode 99709). Call (907) 479-5830, or if in Alaska, toll free at 1-800-478-9840. Raw qiviut is available for purchase at the University of Alaska's Large Animal Research Station.

solstice*-- This refers to the point when the sun is at its greatest distance from the equator. In the summer, solstice occurs June 20 or 21, and marks the longest length of daylight

sourdough* -- An Alaskan old timer.

Now you can go on with the tour and understand the language if you have not lived or traveled in the north!

Take a look at this map and how far the Alaskan Aleutian chain extends. Alaska overlaid on the USA will touch both east and west coastlines*

This is a 'geo'igloo!

It is on the Parks Hwy.near Denali Park. [It is really a wooden geodesic dome and very large!

Click on the North Pole and go where the wind blows~