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Top of the world

Here the sun never sets around summer solstice in June and never rises during the winter solstice in December

Arctic ice flows

Polar bears wander this part of the world!


on the northwestern coast of the Bering Sea

The home of the GOLD RUSH

The end of the IDITAROD TRAIL

Norton Sound trail to Nome

The Iditarod race from Anchorage to Nome is an annual event in honor of the brave dogmushers and dogs that brought the lifesaving Diphtheria vaccine to dying people of Nome in early 1900s. They originally started the trip at Seward. This is the story told in animation by Walt Disney's movie of "BALTO" the lead dog of this original team.
It's an 1100mile trip from Anchorage and is the longest race in the world. In these last years,some are making the trek in about 9days. Some take 2 weeks. Close watch and the best vetenarian care is given the animals all along the way. The dogs are bred to race and love it!


The vast oil field where the 800mi.long Alaska Pipeline begins and travels under and over the land to the port of Valdez on Prince William Sound.

The Pipeline

and oil tanker

We now move on as we catch our flight south. Most would not prefer the long trek by dogsled or snow machine!

Click on the flag for points south. Where else can we go from the North Pole?