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Denali Park

and points south*


Denali Park was set aside as a National Park Preserve in 1917

The park is now 6 million acres*and has the tallest mountain in North America. It's a haven for much wildlife and sub-arctic flora and fauna.

Denali is on the Parks Hwy.about 100miles south of Fairbanks in interior Alaska.

Let's take a short look!

Dwarf Fireweed

Driving the Parks Hwy..

photos by Jan

View from the Denali Princess Hotel*

Mt.McKinley is hiding under that big cloud!

You can drive to the park or go by Alaska Railroad. It's a beautiful trip all the way north and south. Buses normally take tours through the park. There is river rafting and helicopter rides to enjoy. Do NOT try to feed the animals! They are wild and can be dangerous if disturbed.

We musn't forget that this is the land of the AURORA

or Northern Lights

This interesting building in the park is called the Geo-Igloo. It is a geodesic dome that surely looks like a huge igloo!

Many came here looking for GOLD!

We travel on south and reach the MATANUSKA VALLEY.

This is our rich FARMING land of SouthCentral Alaska. There is a Muskox farm and old gold mines. This valley is famous for growing the GIANT VEGETABLES. We have long daylight for a short summer and it can be very productive.

The annual STATE FAIR is held at PALMER,AK.

Lets have some fun!

Grand Prize cabbage in 2000

Yummy red berries*

The famous Budweiser Clydesdales!

Animals galore*

New litter of piglets

The Matanuska River

It's getting late and we must hurry on through this land. Don't be in a hurry if you wish to explore even a small portion of Alaska* We only see a small sample here .

We don't forget the beautiful trips over the Glenn Highway East to the COPPER RIVER VALLEY,mountains and on through to VALDEZ and CORDOVA on the PRINCE WILLIAM SOUND,which is where the Alaska Oil Pipeline ends and the oil is shipped out. Some info is on other sections of this tour*

We keep moving along~~~

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