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"Fur Rondy"

Each year since 1917 we have a celebration in Anchorage every February. It started as an event to demonstrate and sell furs of the trappers. It evolved into a fun time with dog races,Miners and Trapper's ball,melodrama play,contests,mineral and antique show,blanket toss and snow sculptures. We have a "Mr.Fur face" contest for the longest and best beard grown. There is a good time had by all!

A picture of an early race. Entrants come from all over the states for this 3day dogsled race of 25miles per day.

City streets are closed off on the race route. Sometimes we have to haul snow in if we have had a yearly 'chinook' which can melt the snow needed for the dogsleds.

The Blanket Toss is a popular and fun event. It is an ancient tradition and passtime of the northern Eskimo. It is a little like the modern trampolene.

The snow sculptures are a major attraction of many varieties. They last as long as the cold weather holds out! They are truly amazing art!

Fireworks are spectacular in the dark winter night and day!

This is a typical Alaskan Husky dog. This one is 3/4 wolf

We leave the Rendezvous time with a photo of the first celebration of Alaska statehood.

Click on the license for the trip south on Seward Hwy.