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Nenana is located in the Heart of Alaska

Mile 305 of the Parks Highway North out of Anchorage

55miles South of Fairbanks and 70miles North of entrance to Denali Park.

Nenana is located on the Tanana River running into the Nenana River. It's name came from the original Athabascan natives. It means "A GOOD PLACE TO CAMP BETWEEN TWO RIVERS". There are approximately 500 residents in the village.

*Tripod in the river ice*


A large TRIPOD was set into the Tanana River Ice in the winter of 1917. This was to aid the timing for the RIVER BOATS each year. When the ice broke up in spring,the Tripod would fall and float down the river. People began a contest-lottery to see who could come closest to guessing the EXACT day,hour and minute of the Tripod's fall. Since then it has become the WORLD FAMOUS NENANA ICE CLASSIC. People gather each year to wait for the breakup of the ice. The dates have varied from APRIL 20 to MAY 20 each year. Much MONEY is now given the yearly winners,which are usually in groups that share the winnings. In 2000 the winners got a total of $335,000!

Ice break-up on May 1,2000 at 10:47am

Photo by Julie Coghill*

*This is the Tanana River in May 2000,just days after breakup*

*This is the Nenana RailRoad Depot Museum*

*The museum in winter. They place an Ice Sculpture here every winter and it stays for many months!

*Here is the town Courthouse*

*A Riverboat*

*Riverboat TAKU CHIEF with the TRIPOD in background*

Photos by Jan*

Now we say "so long" to Nenana and 'mush' on~

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